Sunday, July 1, 2012

Falling for the... fifth time

Well, this is about the fifth incarnation of my blog. Low motivation coupled with lack of more interesting things to say brought the demise of the other four. But now I'm back (again). I promise to let you know when I've abandoned this one, though.

My name is Mariana, and I'm a twenty-something living in Florida. I like a number of things, none of which I'm sure are truly unique out in the big blog world. My passions currently are music, cosmetics, food, and lively debates. Although I like to review things, I prefer to take my time and do more comprehensive reviews. This might mean it may take anywhere from a day to a couple months before I review any particular music/makeup/food item.

I'm looking forward to writing on a somewhat regular basis, and I looking forward to developing a healthy and equal dose of snark and camaraderie with others.

(For the record, alternate titles for this post were: Another day, another blog and Same day, different blog.)